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Hello Friends and Colleagues! I hope you are well as you prepare your hearts for the celebration of the coming of Christ! This post is really for you fellow Sinophiles, those of you would would rather do nothing else than be involved in, talk about, write about, pray about China. You know who you are! Over the last year, I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with others who are blogging about China and I can’t believe the quality of good information that’s available online. Thanks to my trusty Google Reader, I’m constantly reading good stuff about China. Here’s a look at what I enjoy reading and I’d love to get suggestions on anything I’m missing!

Outside In- Written by Joann Pittman, based in Beijing. I’m hoping someday Joann’s blog posts get put in a book because they are so well done and if you’ve lived in China, they bring a smile to your face!

Shanghai Scrap- Written by Adam Minter, based in Shanghai. I like his take on any number of different China related topics.

NGOs in ChinaA blog about developments in the nongovernmental, nonprofit, charitable sector in China. Since I direct a non-profit with projects in China, it’s a must read. They do a great job!

All Roads Lead to ChinaAll Roads Lead to China was established with the objective of providing accurate, up-to-date information on China’s current trends, macroeconomic development, regional differences and consumer preferences, to enhance the business intelligence of executives entering China who require a sophisticated, informed China strategy. Although some of this blog’s stuff doesn’t relate, I want to be as well-rounded as I can be.

Non-profits in ChinaThis blog aims to provide a glimpse into the vast and fast evolving nonprofit sector in China in English for scholars and practitioners outside of China. Hosted by the Houser Center for NonProfit Organizations at Harvard University. They have great insight and well-researched.

The China BeatLaunched in early 2008, The China Beat provides context and criticism on contemporary China from China scholars and journalists. I like their writing perspective of being Westerners writing about China for the Western mind.

Sinologistical Violoncellist- Written by Adam Cathcart, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of history at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, where he teaches courses on the Chinese Communist Party, Japanese war crimes, the Korean War, and the history of Sino-Japanese relations. If you have an interest in what’s happening in North Korea and the relationship between North Korea and China, this is the blog for you. I highly enjoy his writing.

China Real Time Report- This is the Wall Street Journal’s China Feed. They do a great job of providing large volumes of information about a wide range of topics. I tend to skim through some of these posts, but it’s worth it when you get to something you are really interested in.

New York Times China News Feed- Very similar to the WSJ feed. Lots and lots of articles…. Great for skimming!

Tom’s China Blog- Written by Thomas Aylmer is currently an English teacher in Xiamen, Fujian, China. This is the typical ‘My experiences in China’ blog, but it’s well written and if you’ve ever lived in China, much of this blog will hit home.

Truth From Factsa blog maintained by four friends living in China; Two in Beijing, one in Shanghai and one in Hong Kong. They have a similar heart that I do to take myths about China or half told stories and tell ‘the rest of the story.’

One more to mention:

My new blog on husbands loving their wives deeply- While I have your attention, I might as well mention a brand new blog that I’m really excited about….. Hope you men join the journey!

On the China front, what am I missing that would be good? Which ones do you all like the most?

As you can tell, there’s not a lot of other blogs that are specifically based on Christian ministry in China, which I wish there was…. Let me know if I’m missing any!

I appreciate you all and hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year!