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Back in the saddle, again….

Hello All,

Greetings! I hope you all are well! Just a quick post to announce that after 3 blog posts in all of 2011, I’m really excited about using this blog as a resource of our ministry. So, I’ll be posting here a lot more, with an expanded focus. I found it hard to write often just about China, because there’s only a certain segment of what we’re hearing out of China that would interest me. As I’ve been thinking about this blog, I had a big idea. There is one additional focus that I have that I’d like to add and it running and trying to grow a small non-profit organization. There are so many unique parts of my job that I think anyone who is running a small organization, for-profit or non-profit, can relate to. So, I’ll be blogging about my job, about China, and maybe an occasional post about what I’m learning as I research for my next book.

Thank you all for your interest and be sure to get my blog updates sent directly to your email inbox. You’ll see the button to do that on the right. Also, you can follow me on twitter at MFalkenstine and our ministry at ChinaResource. Looking forward to dialoging with  you all more !